We design and wholesale ready-to-wear apparel for specialty and mass-market retailers, and more recently the emerging e-commerce marketplace. We analyze current U.S. and European fashion trends and forecast product ranges for upcoming seasons. Our in-house design team can incorporate a mix of market inspiration and your [buyer-driven] insight into the product as needed.

Throughout the design process we work closely with our overseas offices and factories in China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam to ensure sampling is done right. Identifying the most suitable fabrics, arranging lab dips & strike-offs with the truest colors, and procuring quality trim sets are essential parts to this stage. We know the meaning of a well-made sample being the last word to our buyers.

From there, we coordinate the fabric and garment production with our mills and monitor quality throughout the manufacturing process whether it be the at cutting table or cutting the excess threads off finished garments. This process, which we’ve put many years into mastering-40 to be exact, has proven to be our recipe for success. We invite you to develop your idea or come in to see our line to learn more about us.

The Process